Monday, March 30, 2009

Lift off: opening of the 32nd (not the 31st) UKSG annual conference

We've all made it (just about) and the auditorium is packed as retiring chair Paul Harwood steps up and taps the mike. Paul welcomes us all and in particular thanks our student attendees, the committee and the exhibitors - pleased to see we've still got such a full exhibition hall despite 'the current climate'. Paul hands over to NASIG president Jill Emery who gives us an update on activities across the pond.

Jill references Twitter and as I sit here the Twitter channels are already going mad with #UKSG09 updates. I've got that UKSG flutter in my stomach - here we go again!

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Blogger Claire said...

Have a great time at the conference and vote for me at the AGM :)
Claire - at work - in Milton Keynes :(

3:35 pm  

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