Thursday, March 26, 2009

Counting down ... your blogging team and Twitter tags!

A quick note to confirm that LiveSerials will be springing back into action again over the next few days as the 31st UKSG Annual Conference gets going down in sunny Torquay.

Your blogging team this year:
  • Bernie Folan (SAGE)
  • Bev Acreman (Taylor & Francis)
  • Charlie Rapple (TBI Communications)
  • Ginny Hendricks (Ardent Marketing)
  • Jill Emery (University of Texas Libraries)
  • Karen Halliday (Wiley-Blackwell)
  • Kirsty Meddings (CrossRef)
  • Laura Woods (City University)
  • Mandy Phillips (Edgehill University)
  • Mark O'Loughlin (SAGE)
  • Nadine Edwards (University of Greenwich)
  • Todd Carpenter (NISO)
We've also got a UKSG Twitter channel for you to follow (@UKSG), and we're asking any other tweeters to join us in using the conference's Official Hash Tag, #UKSG09.

As usual we're looking forward to your feedback via the blogs comments and now via Twitter. Join us there in spirit if not in person!

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