Monday, April 07, 2008

Opening Address

Fuelled by the Riviera caffeine and our initial browse of the Exhibition stands (BMJ's syringes are a curiosity amongst the freebies) we are into our first day of UKSG on a day of bright Torquay sunshine but unseasonal chilliness.

Paul Harwood, Chair, UKSG welcomes us to the day and is pleased to note that people have come to Torquay and the reasons for the move: additional space and delegate numbers. This is the first time UKSG has come to the seaside - we're all laughing a little unconvinced at the claim that the sea is warm for the time of year at the moment though!

Char Simser, President of NASIG, is greeting us from our sister organisation in the US. It's Char's first trip to the UK and to UKSG. It's been a year of firsts for NASIG apparently including: no longer volounteer organisation; at the conference in June in Pheonix they will have organisational sponsership; they've just had their first election; migrating content to a new website (available in the next 6=8 weeks) and the website will be linked into their membership database; increasing support for continuing education ("following in UKSG footsteps"); further intregation of vendors etc. Jill Emery is incoming president and is also present at UKSG. Char invited us all to NASIG, June 2008 ("It will be warmer").


Blogger Charlie Rapple said...

A couple of clarifications, courtesy of Family Man Librarian Steve Oberg (

"NASIG still is a volunteer organization; the change here is that the organization is now able to allow organizational (e.g. corporate) sponsorshop. And this year isn’t our first election; we’ve just had our first election using online voting. (NASIG has been in existence and has been having elections since 1985!)"

Thanks, Steve! (full posting at:

12:12 pm  
Anonymous Char Simser, NASIG President said...

Thanks, Steve, for clarifying! In addition to organizational sponsorships, NASIG plans to hire and administrative staff person (a first for us), and UKSG's own Alison Whitehorn is serving as a consultant to our Admin Support Task Force.

Torquay & the conference were great - even with the snow!

2:57 am  

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