Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The November issue of Serials is out now!

The new (November) issue of Serials is out on the newstands now containing some interesting papers on Institutional Repositories, and Open Access - (Stephen Pinfield discussing whether open access repositories and peer-reviewed journals can co-exist and future models of publication and dissemination; Sally Morris (ex-CEO of ALPSP and now partner in Morris Associates) looks at the possible damage that could be caused to journal subscriptions by widespread self-archiving. Sarah Watson from the Kings Norton library at Cranfield U has undertaken a study of authors at Cranfield investigating their attitudes (and practice!) towards their IR . Cranfield QUEprints is amongst the most successful UK HE IRs in terms of the amount of content (over 1,600) , but is experiencing slow growth - in common with other institutions Sarah reports that "making the IR available does not necessarily mean that authors will automatically start depositing their work for inclusion" and the findings have led to the JISC Embed Project investigating how to embed the IR into authors' research process and concentrate on melding with the way authors work, rather than have them change their workflows to fit the way the IR is constructed.

Also included are papers from the successful UKSG Measure for Measure Seminar, looking at measuring the impact (or more crucially the assessment and evaluation of the impact..) of articles published in journals. A usage measurement section wouldn't be complete without research from Tenopir and King, and "Perceptions of value and value beyond perceptions: measuring the quality and value of journal article readings" should be required reading for all.

In the General articles section, there is an interesting article (especially to those of you who read the THES article Friday about - inter alia - Librarians as Jedi Knights) on binning back-runs, and also managing e-resources, archiving and preservation and some keynote technical articles to bring you up to speed on Institutional Identifiers, ONIX Licensing terms for UK Academic institutions and Everything You Need to Know on Social Networking but were afraid to ask.

Update: If you don't read any of those articles, you HAVE to read our profile of Tirong arap Tanui, University Librarian at Moi University in Kenya - it is open access.. The link is here: http://uksg.metapress.com/openurl.asp?genre=article&issn=0953-0460&volume=20&issue=3&spage=242

The link to the November issue is here (current issue is for subscribers only, abstracts free to all): http://uksg.metapress.com/openurl.asp?genre=journal&issn=0953-0460

The THES article "Boomers in thrall to a Wiki Universe" is here: http://www.thes.co.uk/search/story.aspx?story_id=2039076

As ever, let us know what you think!

A list of the articles is below:

Mini-profile: a day in the life of a digital preservation executive pp. 161 - 162 Frances Boyle DOI: 10.1629/20161

Can open access repositories and peer-reviewed journals coexist? pp. 163 - 171 Stephen Pinfield DOI: 10.1629/20163

Will the parasite kill the host? Are institutional repositories a fact of life - and does it matter? pp. 172 - 179 Sally Morris DOI: 10.1629/20172

Institutional identifiers and the Journal Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement Pilot pp. 180 - 183 Helen Henderson DOI: 10.1629/20180

Journals in the arts and humanities: their role in evaluation pp. 184 - 187 Professor Geoffrey Crossick DOI: 10.1629/20184

Bibliometrics, assessment and UK research pp. 188 - 191 Jonathan Adams DOI: 10.1629/20188

What impact? Whose value? Citation metrics in a work-flow perspective pp. 192 - 198 James Pringle DOI: 10.1629/20192

Perceptions of value and value beyond perceptions: measuring the quality and value of journal article readings pp. 199 - 207 Carol Tenopir and Donald W King DOI: 10.1629/20199

To bin or not to bin? Deselecting print back-runs available electronically at Imperial College London Library pp. 208 - 214 Ruth Cooper and David Norris DOI: 10.1629/20208

On the road with electronic resources: creating community through the ER&L Forums pp. 215 - 220 Jill Emery, Bonnie Tijerina, Dana Walker, et al. DOI: 10.1629/20215

E-journal Archiving and Preservation Workshop pp. 221 - 224 Emma Cass, Helen Hockx-Yu, Carol Jackson, et al. DOI: 10.1629/20221

Authors' attitudes to, and awareness and use of, a university institutional repository pp. 225 - 230 Sarah Watson DOI: 10.1629/20225

UK access to UK research pp. 231 - 234 Frederick J Friend DOI: 10.1629/20231

The importance of linking electronic resources and their licence terms: a project to implement ONIX for Licensing Terms for UK academic institutions pp. 235 - 239 Brian Green and Liam Earney DOI: 10.1629/20235

Key issue Social networking pp. 240 - 241 Charlie Rapple DOI: 10.1629/20240

Profile: Tirong arap Tanui pp. 242 - 243 DOI: 10.1629/20242

EBSCONET® Solidifies Its Place as the Most Useful, Intuitive Subscription Management System Worldwide p. 244 Jan Donnelly DOI: 10.1629/20244


Blogger Ally said...

If you are feeling hard done by, or need to put things in perspective, take a look at the Profile on p. 242 - inspirational stuff! As Bev has indicated, this is a bumper issue with something for everyone. (Never mind the hippos in the editorial hotel, it's the tiger in the corner of the room you need to watch out for!)

12:12 pm  
Blogger Bev Acreman said...

I've just made the article about Tirong arap Tanui open access so that everyone can view it.. Bev

12:25 pm  

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