Friday, June 15, 2007

Final Report on Usage Factors Research Project published

I've just posted the final report on this UKSG study at: . I know there has been a great deal of interest in this work, so I'm sure the authors look forward to your comments and feedback.



Blogger Timothy said...

While I believe strongly that this approach to UF helpful there are two categories of usage that are not considered fully.
Pay-Per-View is specifically not part of the definition of either customer or subscriber in the COUNTER JR1. This usage is presumed to be low enough as not not make a real difference in UF. But this may change.

Also Publishers with resource constraints may have historically only collected COUNTER auditable information for usage coming from subscribers who required COUNTER reports. This would leave individual subscribers including benefit of membership society subscriptions out of any report.

Both of these can be addressed within the overall context of what is discussed. And will enhance the value of the calculated UF.

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Term papers said...

Good to see all this stuff...

10:39 am  

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