Monday, April 07, 2008

If you west-country it, will they come?

As Paul Harwood, UKSG chair, welcomed a record 750 delegates to the association's 31st conference, it seemed the answer is a resounding "yes" - and that's in spite of yesterday's unseasonal snowfall across the UK. Paul encouraged delegates to make the most of the conference's 50 odd speakers and 100+ exhibition booths, and dared us to swim in the above-average-temperature (but undoubtedly still freezing) waters of Torbay.

NASIG's Char Simser followed Paul on the podium with greetings from that organisation, noting that we might like to exchange the chill of Torquay for the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona, which will host NASIG's annual conference this year.

Let the learning begin ...



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