Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Counting down to the conference ... your blogging team

The UKSG's annual conference in Torquay is now only days away. Once again, the event is completely sold out! But if you didn't manage to get a place, don't worry: you're in the right place for the next best thing - real time coverage of the conference here on LiveSerials.

A crack team of bloggers will be reporting back on all the conference sessions, the exhibition and, of course, the social activities. My thanks in advance to all the following who will be joining me to drive nearby delegates mad with our tap-tappety-tapping as we strive to capture the essence of UKSG:
  • Bev Acreman, Taylor & Francis
  • Kate Burgess, Swets
  • Bernie Folan, Sage
  • Ginny Hendricks, Ardent Marketing
  • Simon Inger, Simon Inger Consulting
  • Kirsty Meddings, Ingenta
  • Mark O'Loughlin, Sage
  • Nicola Osborne, SUNCAT
  • Kate Price, University of Surrey
  • Rita Scheman, Scheman Consulting
So if you aren't going to the conference, make sure LiveSerials is on your blogroll so you don't miss a thing. I think we've rustled up a nice mix of reporters from across the information community to offer a variety of perspectives - and please do add yours, via comments, as the reporting unfolds.

If you are going to the conference, we hope you'll also be sure to check our reporting later to add your thoughts (or remind yourself what it was all about once you come out of your post-UKSG daze).



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