Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under starter's orders: your 2011 UKSG blogging team

LiveSerials is once again emerging from hibernation to bring you reports and opinions from UKSG's 34th Annual Conference and Exhibition. The event kicks off in Harrogate on Monday, with an incredible 834 delegates (think what a great event UKSG must be, for us to have our two highest attendance figures in the anni pauperi of 2010 and 2011*). We've got another stellar line-up of speakers, an all-new quiz and a rash of ways to engage via social media:
  • Follow us here on LiveSerials. Obviously.
  • Set up a Twitter search for #uksg to see what everyone else is saying.
  • Get a daily round up over on
  • See who's going or add yourself on Lanyrd
This year's crack blogging team comprises:
It's a tough job - honestly - so please show us lots of love and appreciation, so that we know our boggled brains, aching necks, roasted knees and broken nails are all worth it.
See you in Harrogate!

*Thought I'd warm you up with a bit of Latin there. Feel free to comment and tell me that my adjective doesn't agree with my noun. It's been a long time.



Blogger Ginny Hendricks said...

Never mind the Latin, what's with "a rash of ways to engage"?! :-)

12:13 am  
Blogger Charlie Rapple said...

I'm ... itching to get started?!

10:24 am  

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