Thursday, March 31, 2011

Read UKSG tweets as a daily newspaper

Twitter has been active alongside the UKSG annual conference for the last couple of years. Attendees share comments and links real-time during presentations, and those not attending can tap into the main themes being covered. In 2009 we even ‘trended’ as the fourth most-discussed topic on twitter; for a heady couple of hours UKSG was being talked about more than the G20 and almost as much as the iPhone – crazy eh?

But that was the problem too. Unless you’re staring at TweetDeck or some other dashboard for the duration of the conference (and know who/what/how to filter and can multi-task), you are likely to be flattened by the volume of posts. But if you ignore twitter entirely you’ll let some really quite useful information pass you by.

So the challenge is to harness only the most interesting posts and filter out the rubbish, as well as to collate sensibly-condensed info to read or share in one sitting. (Actually that also sounds like a general publishing challenge, but anyway…)

We’re trying out which generates a ‘newspaper’ from tweets that contain URLs. It allows us to sift through the content and just give you the best bits from each day. It’s in alpha (not even beta) so there are some funny goings on (such as not-so-accurate categorising into sections like ‘art & entertainment’ or ‘health’) but it should still be a handy daily digest for conference delegates as well as those watching from afar.

So here it is: every day at 5pm we will publish an edition of The UKSG Daily Twitter Round-up. You can subscribe to get an email alert when it’s out or just visit the site in a break or between drinks receptions.

Oh, and just so you know, we’re not generating the content from the #UKSG hashtag anymore as we don’t want it to be full of “please stop by our booth” links ;-) but rather from the twitter list UKSG Conference 2011 which currently only includes a small motley crew of 16 tweeting delegates but will be added to during the first day. Send a direct message to @UKSG if you want to contribute. Otherwise we’ll find you!


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