Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Around the World Dinner & Quiz

A busy drinks reception in the exhibition space (for those not on the Emerald yacht this evening) preceded a very tasty buffet of foods from 5 continents. The enthusiastic serving staff encouraged us to take every dish on offer resulting in some novel flavour combinations from all continents at once! However perhaps the offer to take both of the chocolatey puddings that caught my eye was perhaps, on reflection, one sugary treat too many...

The Around the World Quiz that followed involved 5 very challenging rounds (one for each continent) and a sheet of flags to identify. It was great fun but immensely hard so hats off to the winning team. My own team were very near the bottom of the rankings although I think we learnt a lot a great deal about the flags of the world - and even more about taking a guessed answer instead of an initial - usually correct - hunch!

The night ended with a Disco and enthusiastic dancing from the hardcore party crowd... As I left around 11.30 the party was really just beginning!


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