Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Unbelievably Knackered ... Still Going

It's Wednesday morning and today's expansion of the UKSG acronym is

Unbelievably Knackered ... Still Going.

Masses of fun was had at last night's dinner and quiz as usual. Congratulations to the winning team, whose witty team name escapes me but whose members included Loughborough's Charles Oppenheim, OUP's Richard Gedye (who apparently provided nearly all the answers), IOP's Judith Barnsby and about nineteen others (sorry, but I was already a tad tipsy and am unable to recall the rest of you -- please feel free to identify yourselves and claim your share of the glory). I hope we'll be able to post/link to a snap of the winners in due course (any offers?).

The competitive spirit continued on to the dance floor where shapes aplenty were thrown well into the night. (Top moment: Stevie Wonder's Superstition; lowest moment: two consecutive Shania Twain tracks). I called it a night at a relatively sensible 1.30am. M'learned foolish colleagues carried on partying until 4, although whether 8 people sharing 1 bottle of wine in a kitchen-cum-laundry constitutes a party is debatable...


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