Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome to LiveSerials!

Choose Live. Choose Serials. Better still, choose to put them together and add us to your blogroll.

We hereby introduce LiveSerials, the official blog of the UKSG annual conference, to be held this year at the University of Warwick, UK, on 3-5 April. Our intention is to blog reviews of the many and varied sessions and workshops held throughout the conference, and hopefully to spice it up with some "after hours" news as well. If you're unable to be at the conference (once again, it's sold out!) then this will be a great place to find out just how much you're missing.

As you may guess from the name, we intend LiveSerials to be a "live" version of the UKSG journal, Serials. Therefore, we plan to continue blogging throughout the year with details of ongoing UKSG happenings, and other events or news of interest to the serials community – so do keep an eye out for postings even once the conference is over.

The following members of the UKSG marketing committee will be blogging:

  • Bev Acreman (Taylor & Francis)
  • Robert Bley (Ex Libris)
  • Lesley Crawshaw (University of Hertfordshire)
  • Charlie Rapple (Ingenta)
But we would also like to encourage any other conference attendees to help us blog impressions, reviews and thoughts in "realtime" during the event. If you've got what it takes (i.e., a confirmed delegate place, web access during the conference, an ability to put words together in a sentence) then please do let us know that you're interested. The more people we can get on board, the easier it will be for the marketing committee the more varied and comprehensive our reporting can be.

If you've been to a UKSG conference before, you'll know just how enlightening, and how fun, it can be. We're going to try and get its spirit across by the power of blog – help us if you can, but otherwise: enjoy.


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